What is A PA

Physician Assistant (PA) is one who is skilled trained and a licensed healthcarePhysician assistants
professional to practice medicine with limited supervision by a physician.

Physician are educated in the medical model and trained to complement a physician
and exercise a broad range of healthcare services that a traditional physician
performs. They should not be counted as medical assistants who are known for providing
clinical tasks.

The main purpose of the Physician Assistant is to provide diagnostic services, as
needed by a doctor. Working under the supervision of health care team, they manage to record
medical histories such as:

1) treat patients
2) conduct physical exams
3) examine x-rays
4) diagnose and treat illness
5) assist in surgery and write prescriptions
They will also treat minor complications by splinting and by other methods.

A PA can also report patient progress, can also instruct and order therapy and can also
prescribe medication. In some medical centers, PA works as a manger and can order medical equipment.

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The Physician Assistant Job Description

Physician assistants usually work under the supervision of physician from small rural, big to small cities. They may be a principle guide for people, where physician is only present for 1 or 2 days. However, they discuss with their physicians and seek their assistants, as instructed by rules. They can also make calls to their patients and can go to hospitals and then report to their physician. Controlling physician and state laws confer the duties of physical assistants.

Most of the PAs work in family medicine and in general medicine. Some may work in special areas such as: orthopedics, emergency medicine, and thoracic surgery. The ones specializing in surgery provide with pre and post operative care and can also work in major surgeries by being assistants.

Physician assistants usually work in hospitals, clinics and many other types of healthcare facilities. The PA requires long hour often spent on your feet either standing for long hours and this job requires long walks. Their schedule often varies, according to the prescribed hours by the supervising physician.

In hospitals they have to work in night shifts or during the early morning, for routine rounds. PA may also be on call and in clinics they usually work at minimum 40 hours per week.

Physician Assistant Training & Education

Requirements for training vary in different colleges that offer physician assistant training.
PA training usually is 2 to 3 years unlike medical school which last four years plus required
residency. Some may require health work experience or a college degree.

To obtain a license it is required that you complete formal education and pass a national exam. These programs are based mostly on two year course for full time students. They are mostly arranged at medical schools, health centers and few are arranged at community colleges.

Many of physical assistant programs have affiliation with medical schools. Physician assistants acquire their own medical licenses and are different from a physician’s license.

Most applicants usually have a college degree and background in this field. However, it is important to remember that eligibility for this educational program can vary. Many PAs have experience in paramedics, in nursing and in other emergency related field. Their education includes classroom and usage of laboratory in subjects such as, bio chemistry, anatomy, and medical ethics. Clinical training, under the super vision of qualified physician, is also included in this program, in several areas such as surgery, internal and family medication, gynecology and in many more areas.

The students may work in more than one area, which can help in your permanent employment. Apart from formal education, it is essential that physical assistants are devoted to their job. They have good manners and have emotional stability.
It is also essential that they’re sincere and kind towards your patients.

PA’s  should also be enthusiastic for learning and should have the ability to make correct life saving decisions.

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